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Child Africa is approved as member of The Norwegian Fundraising Association
Child Africa is approved as member of The Norwegian Fundraising Association
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Sponsor or Give a Charity Donation Through Our Award Winning Child Charity Organization

Child Africa

Give a Poor Child Care and Education

Unique Way of Sponsoring a Child

Poverty is common in East Africa. Many children become orphans due to AIDS. By a charity donation or becoming a sponsor for a poor boy or girl, you will be able to give a poor child care and education. Our charity organization is very effective in terms of providing help. When you sponsor a child, he or she will get food, clothes and medicines, and you will also sponsor school fees and books. We believe that the only sure cure for poverty is education, which is why we put school first.

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Child Africa Welcomes Your Goodwill and Charity Donation

You can support our charity organization by giving a charity donation specified by your own choice. If you wish, your name or your organization's name can be shown on Child Africa's public donation list.

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Sponsor Our School Project

We are a child charity organization undertaking school projects to give poor East African children care and high quality education.

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After finishing secondary school, all Child Africa children will get a special education in:

  • Integrity and Positive thinking
  • Goal setting
  • Self-confidence building
  • Human relations
  • Success principles
  • Entrepreneurship
  • How to choose and get a job


Sponsoring a poor child in Child Africa is unique in the way you can follow up your own sponsor child. You can choose between hundreds of children. The one you sponsor will be yours only.

By sponsoring a poor child in Child Africa, you will be able to;

  • Correspond via our online message system to your sponsor child and get a quick reply.
  • Receive quarterly newsletters.
  • Obtain updated information of your sponsor child through our home page. From time to time you will find new pictures of your sponsor child, updated school reports and messages.

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Sponsor a child through Child Africa - give education to a sponsor child
Our child charity organization has provided help in Uganda since 1991. We extended our charity work to start school building in Kenya in 2008.


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Education is a vital tool for fighting poverty and is the key to better welfare
Child Africa build schools and provide high standards in staff and education for poor children
Child Africa integrate deaf children in our shools - a project with great success
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